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Hello Friend, 

I'm so glad that you found this space! About a year ago, I started this journey of living my life with PURPOSE! Before I get into all the details, let me share a little bit about myself. My name is Torri Mead. I'm from the Pacific Northwest and recently married my high school sweetheart. We are excited to share we are also expecting TWINS-yep I said it two precious little girls. I'm excited to share this part of our journey however before we were expecting we had fur and feather babies that we just adore. We have two dogs- Harlee & Grace, two cats- Blaze & Silver, some fish, and of course our 5 chickens and 6 ducks! 

When I started this journey of living a more purposeful life, I took up a few new hobbies like homesteading hints the chickens, gardening, homemade baking and so much more! But what I love to do most is learn about alternative ways of living with purpose from using essential oils to making my own home or personal care products. 

But when I'm not going hippie on you- I love branding and content creation. I feel like social media has allowed me to explore my creative side. I love being able to design resources that will help make my life easier but also your life!

My goal for this space is to Bring Purpose To YOUR Life!

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