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How To Use Essential Oils

Here's three easy ways that you can incorporate essential oils into your daily routine! Using essential oils everyday is the key to getting their full benefit.


Diffuse & Inhaling

You can do this with ANY essential oil! Simply apply a few drops (or follow a recipe) and add water in your diffuser. Education is key in regards to understanding the benefits of each oil you're diffusing. Each essential oil has different benefits and purposes. For instance, citrus oils are typically diffused for energetic or uplifting aroma. These oils are great to diffuse in the morning or in the afternoon when you need a boost. 


 Applying Oils To Skin

Many oils are safe to apply directly on the skin without being diluted, this is called a neat application. For instance, lavender is safe to topically use without dilution. However, some oils are considered "hot" like cinnamon, clove, oregano, or thyme. They can leave a hot sensation on the skin when applied. There is also other essential oils that are considered "cold" like peppermint, spearmint, or wintergreen. These are important to keep in mind and may want to dilute if used topically. A dilution guide I use is 1 drop essential oil to 3-5 drops carrier oil.


A carrier oil is a type of oil that combines with the essential oil to make the molecule larger. By making the molecule larger, the essential oil will take longer to be absorbed into the body through the skin. Some carrier oil options are jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, or fractionated coconut oil. I personally use V-6 Carrier Oil from Young Living. It's a mixture of many carrier oils leaving your skin non-greasy, smooth, and absorbs easily. 



To be on the safe side any essential oil that Young Living carries with a white label is considered a Vitality oil these oils can be ingested, in moderation. Keep in mind when using these oils for cooking or ingestion they are very strong since they are the purest concentrated part of the plant so a little goes a long way. Personally, I ingest oils in many different ways. For instance, I cook and bake with vitality essential oils, add vitality oils to water or other beverages for enhanced flavor, or a drop right on the tongue (like peppermint for minty fresh breath). I even take Young Living supplements that have essential oils in them.


The FDA requires any company including Young Living to have a different label that individuals can easily tell the difference that it can be ingested. Young Living Vitality oils also are Non-GMO certified.

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