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Better Sleep, Better Life!

Let's talk about why sleep is so important! Our bodies thrive off of getting seven to nine hours of sleep a day! Now I know a lot of you are thinking I'm lucky if I get 5 hours but it's all about priority and time management throughout your day. Are you going to bed early instead of watch the latest Bachelor episode? Or maybe your in bed but on your phone scrolling through Insta? Ya that doesn't count either....

Why do we need seven to nine hours? When we sleep we are recharging our body and mind which will leave you refreshed for the following day. When we are sleepy we don't function as well and we arrant as alert. Lack of sleep can result a weaker immune system which means you may not be able to fight off common bacteria and viruses. Lack of sleep can also many other things like your emotions-more moody, agitated, unable to handle daily stressors. Just to name a few factors that are affect when there is lack of sleep includes lack of sex drive, poor balance and stability, may increase blood pressure, trouble concentrating, and so much more.

Tips and Tricks for a Night Well Rested!

  1. Make Sleep A Priority! Instead of watching the latest episode get some sleep your body will thank you later.

  2. Stick to a schedule as much as possible! Maybe in bed at 10pm and wake up between 6-7am.

  3. Limit light disturbance including your phone. Darker the room the better.

  4. Wind down for at least 30 minutes prior to bed-reading, stretching, listening to soft music, etc.

  5. Diffuse or spray essential oils! Some of my go to sleep essential oils are Lavender, Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Cedarwood, and Dream Catcher.

  6. Try a weighted blanket! Research has shown that a deep touch pressure stimulation can produce a soothing affect that can also reduce anxiety. Touch pressure provides a calming effect that aids in sleep.

DIY: Bedtime Spray

-Spray on your pillow when unwinding before bed!

  1. Grab a glass spray bottle! Label it Bedtime Spray! (I'm using a 4oz bottle)

  2. Add your favorite sleep promoting essential oils!

-10 to 15 drops Lavender

-10 to 15 drops Stress Away

3. Top off the bottle with water!

Want to take control of your sleep patterns? Comment below or press the 'Let's Connect' button on the top right hand corner- I can get you started with some of my fav bedtime oils!

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