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Due to the uncertain times, you maybe wondering is this the new normal? Is your HOME now not only a place to raise you

r kids but also school, maybe work, or a place to entertain? Or maybe your job is on hold (just like myself)…just like you left with the unknown.  The question we are all asking ourselves “When is life going to be back to normal?” or “Is this the new normal?”.  I am so thankful that I had this business to rely on…all these months that the world has basically been shut down and I’m no longer able to work my job. This business has been stronger than every before! Did you know that the last three months have been the most successful months of th

is business?  Staying at home doesn’t need to be a bad thing…yes we all want to get out of the house but for a lot of us thats not happening due to strict regulations. Start a business TODAY from the comfort of your own home… and yes even in your pajamas.  I love this opportunity for residue income! The flexibility of ditching your 9 to 5 job is AMAZING! You can take a day of whenever you want because YOUR the boss! The best part is your still getting paid on your day off! Have you every thought about having an income revenue stream that will last years? How about an income stream that can not only support you now but also the future generations? Let's set our kids up for success or what about our grandkids?

As I mentioned before you pick your schedule! Some weeks I only work 10 hours and other weeks I may work 40 hours but ultimately its up to you!  Before these uncertain times, I would host events at my house or local places however I’ve recently found some great success in social media! You pick what’s best for you- in person one on ones, hosting events, or connecting via social media. Right now social media is at the tip of our finger tips which is how I’m running MY business! We’ve talked about the freedom, the flexibility, the residual income, and now let’s talk about MONEY! I mean at the end of the day you can make this your side hustle or your forever job but if you put in th

e work it will make you money! Would $500 extra dollars a month help you? or what about $1,000 a month? Or what about $5,000? What would that money do for you? Pay of bills? Buy a new car? Go on a vacation? Pay of student loans?<----This is me! Student debt sucks! Take a look at the photo! This is the income statement :)  Set your mind to it and those dollar signs could be entering your bank account! I know people who are in all different seasons of life and different ranks in this business but I know people leaving there 9 to 5 job for YL, I know people who make an extra $500 a month from YL, I know peo

ple who also make $14,000 a month thanks to YL. Invest in YOURSELF and your family! Not just for today but for the rest of your life! I will walk with you in this journey while we stay at home and make money while sitting on the couch in our pjs. I will give you all the tools, resources, and my knowledge you need to get started! Let’s

learn, grow, and succeed TOGETHER! Contact Me For More Information OR Email at

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