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It's A New Year...Let's Try New Products!

As you are getting ready to place your January Loyalty Rewards order this year. I want to give you some suggestions of my favorite products that you NEED! Here are my top five however I have a few others to add to the list!

My favorite products for 2021 are:

  1. Release Essential Oil - We all need to release all the things of 2020.

  2. NingXia Zyng - This is the perfect pick-me up when your dragging. Pair this with NingXia Red and your set!

  3. Satin Mint Face Scrub - This is a MUST! I love the smell and will exfoliate your skin. After your skin will GLOW!

  4. Seedlings Baby Wipes - You don't need to have kids to use these. I'm a dog & cat mom and I use these to fresh them up when I don't want to give a bath. Clean their ears. Also great to keep in the car!

  5. Thieves Whitening Toothpaste - Smile more in 2021 with pearly whites!

A few other favorites that I love:

-Life 9 Probiotic: I take this every night to help support my gut health!

-Multigreens: We all need to eat more greens, am I right?

-NingXia Red: This antioxidant filled drink is perfect to give you energy without the crash like coffee or redbull. Supports every body system!

-Peace & Calming II: Love the smell of this oil and is perfect for relaxation!

-Savvy Mineral Liquid Foundation: Switch your makeup to a non-toxic alternative.

Want to know what Loyalty Rewards is?

-It's a monthly order that is completely customizable full of all natural health and wellness product shipped to your door!

-Each month pick your favorite Young Living products!

Benefits of Loyalty Rewards?

-Free product every 3 months for the first year!

-Earn free essential oils and natural products every month when you spend 190PV+.

-Earn free shipping at 100PV!

-Get paid to shop! Earn credit with every order you place!

-For instance, if you place a 100PV order youll get free shipping & $10 credit!

What day does it ship?

-Completely up to you! Pick what day you want it to process each month! You can change it each month if you need too!

What is the minimum about you have to spend on Loyalty Rewards?

-50PV which is roughly $50 US.

How do you sign up?

-Already a member? Login to Young Living. Go to your Virtual Office. Select Essential Rewards Order. Add your favorite products, pick the processing date, and make sure to add your shipping address and payment method.

-Not a member? Click the "Join Our Community" tab on my wesbite. Or Email me at and I'll send you all the information to get started!

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