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Let's Chat Body Imbalances!!

From time to time we may feel like we are just off or maybe you can't get out of a funk well often times thats from being imbalanced from one reason or another.

Here are three balancing oils that are perfect for supporting women!

+Sclaressence: Perfect for women and supports overall wellness! YL uses phytoestrogen blend that includes peppermint, fennel, clary sage, and spanish sage.

+Progessence Plus: Formulated to promote wellbeing, and feelings of relaxation, harmony, and of course balance! This product has natural progesterone.

*please do additional research if on BC

+Endoflex: This can be used topically or diffused! When used topically apply o front of neck or wrists. When diffused it can help create a calming and balancing aroma.

If your feeling in the rut try these essential oils because they can promote overall balance and wellness.

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