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New Year Better You!

Here’s a little life update and how this platform will be used going forward!

My Focus:

-Exploring the world of pregnancy and birth as a first time mama!

-Sharing natural alternatives and remedies to life!

-Growing our little Mead homestead!


New Year Better YOU!! 🎉⁣⁣


If you’ve been following me for awhile, first off I just want to say THANK YOU! Your the real mvp. Anyway, my platform has transformed as I grew and developed and each year i feel like it has become more and more me! I’m so thankful that i started this lifestyle journey about three years ago because i truly wouldn’t want it any other way. ⁣⁣


With that all being said, my platform is changing again but for the better! Back in may 2021, I went to a business retreat that allowed me to really narrow in on what my goals were for my business and in the year of 2022 I want to refine them so its clear to my users (YOU!). ⁣⁣


Let’s be honest last year was frickin crazy and looking back I had some amazing milestones that i achieved but I’m craving for more! You may have noticed that the last four months i have been a little Mia due to a few reasons..and i want to honest with you this is hard for me. ⁣⁣


-I was burnt out! Last year i did all the things and felt like i was trying to keep up with the jones but really it was the instagram craze. It’s honestly been a huge relief to scroll briefly and peace out i felt like i was attached to my phone and instagram. ⁣⁣


-after our amazing wedding and honeymoon, we discovered that I was pregnant. I had three months of terrible morning sickness but I’m not even sure you can call it that..I was puking multiple times a day at any given moment. I felt like a ticking time bomb. The other reason why it was hard to show up on instagram was simply because we weren’t ready to share our little surprise. Little did we know at that time that the reason i was so sick was because there wasn’t just one baby there are actually two..first off can i just give a round of applause for all the mothers out there carrying a baby is hard work! Anyway, so our world is changing for the better. ⁣⁣


So let me be honest about 2022, am i scared..yep! Am i excited..yep! Do i have all the! But that’s really okay. The last few weeks of 2021, as i have been feeling better I’ve been thinking what do i want in 2022 even with our world changing. Well i still want to grow my business. My goals this year is to share my journey with you but also make some money along the way because lets be honest we are having twins. ⁣⁣


My goal for 2022 is to be flexible! I truly believe that every thing happens for a reason. I think that me getting pregnant is an opportunity to share with you how our life is changing and how we are incorporating our natural alternatives and homesteading into the mix!⁣⁣


Can’t wait for you to see the changes that are happening over the next few months!⁣

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