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Our fur family is growing or should I say feather.....

I'm a chicken mama now.

This is just the start to my farm lifestyle or my ideal homestead. First it started with our Great Pyrenees Grace who will one day be an am amazing protector to our farm animals. Next on my list was chickens followed by many more animals like ducks, goats, lows, alpacas, and so much more. -

Our chickens will provide us with fresh eggs for many years to come. We currently have six chickens but looking at getting a few more. We currently have two buff Orpington chickens which are known as the golden retrievers of chickens. They are very friendly and produce large eggs. The other breeds of chickens we got was a Buckeye Chicken and a Ancona pullet chicken both are very active and will Take more training when it comes to handling. We also got two silkies which have lots of feathers and are fuzzy like but are silky to the touch.

Our chickens names are Big bird, Nugget, Dixie chic, and scramble. The two yellow buffs are big bird and nugget. Dixie is the red/brown buckeye chicken. Scramble is a Ancona pullet chicken and will be grey and black. The silkies names are TBD if you have any suggestions comment below.

In the meantime of writing this our homestead expanded....yep I got two ducks! In a matter of a week I got 6 baby chicks and two ducklings. The ducklings are a Peking duck and a Rosen duck. They will provide us with eggs just like the chickens and also have similar characteristics as I mention below but best of all is that they swim!! Our ducks are Daisy and Donna rather than Donald because we have girls.

Chicken and duck Fun facts:

  • With four chickens we will get 80-100 eggs each month.

  • Chickens will produce about 3 cubic feet of compost for our garden every month.

  • With one chicken they can de-bug 120sq/ft a week!

  • One chicken can convert 10lbs of food “waste” into eggs

  • Chickens can see color.

  • All ducks have waterproof feathers.

  • Ducks have excellent vision.

  • Our ducks and chickens will each lay about 200-300 eggs a year. That's a lot ofeggs.

As we grow our homestead- you'll be along for the ride as I learn this new crazy adventure.

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