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Seven Camping Essentials

This summer these have been my go to products for when we are on the go. Currently, on my way to our friends cabin for the Fourth of July weekend. We are defiantly going to have fun weekend hanging out at the lake and talking around the campfire. It’s going to be a hot weekend so our Mineral Sunscreen is going to be our best friend and if we forget to reapply we will be needing the Lavaderm After-Sun Spray! When we are sitting around the campfire I’m going to apply the Insect Repellent and Citronella essential oil to repel all those bugs. We will also need the Thieves Hand Sanitizer wipes for our sticky fingers after eating some yummy s’mores. Fun fact have you made a s’more with Reese cups? Or even milky ways? Yummy gooey mess. You maybe needing Digize to after We won’t be doing any hiking this weekend but Deep Relief essential oil is great for those sore muscles. Lastly, we can’t forget my all time fav NingXia Red this is an antioxidant packed drink that I can’t go a day without. Pro tip: Throw it in your cooler for NingXia red slushes or if cold enough a popsicle.

1. Insect Repellent: Beat the bugs

2. Lavaderm After-Sun Spray: Soothe your skin

3. Mineral Suncreen: Sunshine Safeguard

4. NingXia Red: Antioxidant on the go

5. Citronella: Bye Bye Bugs

6. Thieves Hand Sanitizer/Wipes: No more sticky fingers

7. Deep Relief Essential Oils: For the those aches

These are some of my favorite summer products that you’ll want to get your hands on. Add it to your monthly order before they go out of stock this summer. Not a member? No worries comment below or message me and I’ll get you started!

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