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The Game Changer To Your Workout!!

This supplement defiantly optimized my workout recovery!

Did you know that it's SUPER important to allow your muscles to recover after a hard workout? A great way to help your muscles recover after a hard workout is to take a branch chain amino acid (BCAA).

BCAA's can have some benefits:

  1. Increase muscle growth

  2. Decrease muscle soreness

  3. Reduce exercise fatigue

  4. Prevent muscle wasting

You can find branch chained amino acids not only in a supplement but also in your day to day food. Some day to day food you can find them in is beef, chicken breast, protein powder, salmon, tuna, 1% milk, eggs, and greek yogurt to name a few.

I make sure to eat a variety of foods to support my muscles but I give them extra support by drinking Aminowise & water.

Just one scoop plus 8 ounces of water, shake it up and then drink during or after your workout!

Aminowise can help build and repair your muscles when they are fatigued after a hard workout. This supplement also has a hydration mineral blend that helps replenish important minerals during exercises.

Highly recommend that you grab this on your next order with Young Living. Not a member with Young Living? Message me and we will get you started or click the Join Our Community button.

Comment below what type of exercise you do! I personally love to cycle with my Peleton app!

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