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The Ultimate Hair Care Routine!

You’ll have thick lushes locks in no time ❤️⁣

First, I switched to a natural Shampoo & Conditioner Before I used Organix Coconut which is rated an 8 on think dirty! Ya no thank you! ⁣Download the think dirty app and start scanning products that are around the house.

I also take Sulfurzyme daily with my NingXia! Great for hair and nail health! ⁣

Every two weeks or when detoxing at the start try this:

Take 1/4 cup of baking soda add a little water to a bowl and mix until creates a paste. Rub the paste into your scalp and let sit for a few minutes. Next, rinse with cold shower water and about a 1/2-3/4 cup or Apple Cider Vinegar. You hair will be smooth, removing buildup, and will be stronger. ⁣

Mermaid Hair Spray (16oz Recipe):⁣

+1 tbsp of sea salt ⁣

+10 drops of each Rosemary & Lavender ⁣

+5 drops of each Geranium & Cedarwood ⁣

+3 droppers full of Mirah Hair oil (not a must if you don’t have) ⁣

+1 tbsp of fractionated coconut oil ⁣

+water ⁣

Dry Shampoo Recipe: ⁣

+1/4 cup cornstarch⁣

+1 tbsp baking soda ⁣

+Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (add to match your hair color) ⁣

+2 drops Lavender EO ⁣

+2 drops Geranium EO⁣

These have worked great for me! I promise your hair will thank you later ❤️

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