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Traveling Made Easy ✈️

Here are my go-to Travel Essentials!

While I’m sitting 2,000 miles up in the air on my way to Seattle for my bridal shower this weekend. I wanted to share with you all what my favorite products that I must travel with! I don’t go anywhere without these amazing products because if I didn’t pack them I might cry.

Personal Care Items:

-Bon Voyage Travel Kit-includes: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion, Mouth Wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, lip balm, and ART moisturizing lotion

-Travel size ART Toner: Pro tip-Use an empty essential oil 5ml bottle. Once clean fill it up with your toner!

-CBD Beauty Boost

-Dry Shampoo

-ART Face Wash

Essential Oils:

-To The Rescue Kit- includes M-Grain, Deep Relief, Digize, Stress Away, and Thieves.


-Pro Plus


-Dream Catcher

-Lushious Lemon *my new fav oil blend

Plane Items:

-Thieves Hand Sanitizer

-Thieves Hand Sanitizer Wipes

-Thieves Mints


-NingXia Red

When I pack, I try to just grab the items that I use everyday but as I am sitting here typing this…I realized I forgot my supplements for the weekend. Without my Super B I’m going to exhausted…guess I’m running on caffeine this weekend.

All of these are my must haves when I travel because I can’t really imagine life without them. Hopefully this list helps make packing a little easier the next time you travel.

***Highly recommend grabbing the Bon Voyage Travel Kit its easy to travel with and everything comes in one small pouch. Not a YL member? No worries and we can add this to your Subscribe & Save order for 24% off!

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